False Positives: Chapter Nine

Are you in flow with love?

I’m not talking about romantic love. I’m talking about loving yourself. Loving who you are as you are. I’m speaking about that eternal love of self in such a way that you know exactly who you are and you’re proud of yourself.

It’s not perfect. There is no perfection in any part of humanity other than the perfect sync of mind, body, soul and knowledge of our imperfections.

As a matter of fact, the more we fight who we are, the more resistance to flow we will experience.

When we engage with the world, but receive clap backs and negativity or hate, the more we are invested in finding our own voice through the rejection.

When we become comfortable in our own bodies, we are able to tune out the noise of critics who aren’t in flow with their own self love.

If you aren’t focusing on your own improvements, or building one piece of knowledge on another for a never ending engagement with the world, then you are going to be out of flow.

Flow has many meanings, depending on the field of study you come from. It has a base in psychology of course, but it also has a metaphorical meaning in poetry.

A river in flow with doing what it does, free of debris (thoughts) will trickle, or gush, depending on what feeds it, toward it’s destination.

Each stream leads to the rivers which lead to the ocean, which carries the water back up to the sky, only to come back down to earth, showering us with the never ending journey of being.

In this infinity of movement, there is always a shifting of size, shape, depth and presence of life.

When we emmulate the ebb and flow of our natural surroundings, we also create a perfectly imperfect life that is art.

On social media, if we choose to only follow those that have hate in their hearts, or broken pieces of emotional damage, then we become a part of that story.

When people want to follow you so they can comment in awful ways, they are somehow choosing their brokenness as their story.

The flip side of that is also true. When we shift our algorythms to only surround ourselves with engagement that is based in knowledge, proactive healthy conversations and loving kindness, we become the essense of what we focus on.

The choice is ours.

Except in some circumstances. When someone is the target of overwhelming hate, or domestic violence, or bullying, they have to endure the negativity that aligns with that darkness.

Remember, some people love to hate. To be cruel brings them happiness and joy. There is a dark side of happiness. Social media holds a magnifying glass to that.

How does one heal after so much emotional, verbal, psychological, financial, mental and social abuse?

They become so focused on their own self love, they can’t hear, see or witness the hate.

They become unafraid of the negativity to the point where, they can look it directly in the face. It’s also useful to surround yourselves with others who are on the same path.

That’s why so many DV abusers and cyber bullies both love and hate Tik Tok. Women finally have a platform to share their experiences. Licensed therapists, counselors and certified helping professionals know this, so are there as well.

Someone tried to take your self love away from you.

There is so much damage in the world because of that entitlement.

Why do people throw hate on others? Because they are not fully whole or healthy themselves. They lash out at others so that they are not alone in their pain.

In truth?

They will always be alone in their pain when they feel compelled to hurt others.

Become in flow with the love of life itself. It takes some time to remember who you were born to be. Society is not helpful so you have to stand alone for a while.

Learning to stand alone, while also feeling nothing but love is a super power. It’s the ultimate gift of being alive.

Then, and only then, will you welcome flowing back into the stream of living among others.

The peace will be your reward. New found understanding is your gift.

In peace and love,


K. Aren Henry, @InkHoneyPub





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