False Positives: Chapter Eighteen

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An epic level of awe is needed to believe whole heartedly that you will take your life back from an invader.

On a much smaller scale, your work life, home life, family life, social life are all teetering on your inner strength to keep you going.

Kindle Vella: KH Miller

I guess there is a negative that is useless. And … a bunch of positives that are intentionally part of my vibe tribe.

It’s true in life as a whole. What we give our attention to, is what shows up. We have to purposefully sift through the rubbish to get to the good stuff. It’s worth it.



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K. Aren Henry, @InkHoneyPub

K. Aren Henry, @InkHoneyPub

I’m an essayist, former college prof. flipping the house of henry healing to include both the sciences and the arts.