What is your calling?

Where do your passions nest?

Who are you driven to become?

Why do you love what you do? DO you love what you do?

How do we define any of that?

Are you happy? Should that have to matter in order to trade fee for service?

Do we HAVE to be of service to others on company time?

Are the wealthy, well connected, and warriors the ONLY ones who get to share their narrative, or … do we have society’s permission to speak our minds without being aligned like a strong mafia psychology? (no disrespect to the actual mafia).

What if … there IS no purpose, or a plan … but there is a paycheck and the rest is nobody’s business?

Will you still love her tomorrow (metaphorically speaking) if she shows up as totally happy in spite of you no longer loving her appearance?

She aged out?

She isn’t attractive anymore? Now what?

She doesn’t care what your opinion of her is? Is that still going to be okay with you?

She’s speaking her mind, against the grain? Yikes! NOW what do you do?

These are a few of my favorite things. And, they are are few topics for the 2022 roster.

I haven’t used Medium much.

I did, then scratched it. Tried it again. Scratched it again. And again.

Then I read a Richard Branson letter (his newsletters are better than most) about falling more times than succeeding.

I’m at an age where I have no interest in playing games ~ HR style.

I’m at a point in my life where I am going to say what’s on my mind. I have decades of experiences that I get to share. Like it or not.

I’m also going to write from my own POV, because it’s insane to write from someone else’s point of view. Who does that?

This page will fire up the kiln on 1.1.22

Until then, I’m writing elsewhere.

You can follow my filthy mouth (at least that’s what one fella called it) on my other blog, @happinessnoir or, my goings on in how I became this crispy at henryhealing.com

I have been rescuing, helping, healing, protecting and fostering a space for abuse and trauma survivors for a very long time.

I haven’t come up with a catch phrase or catchy title yet, but I’m forging a new way to deliver content that is not for the delicate of heart.

I got tired tip toeing through the gaslight. It tended to scorch my soul entirely too many times.

I also spent 45 of my 57 years dreaming about changing my name one day.

Then I remembered that hurricanes are named after women. So why not.

Karen it’s been since 1964 and Karen it will stay.

The force is with me. So is a wicked sense of humor.

If we don’t lean on sarcasm and humor, then, what’s the point of any of it?

Saving the rest for later.

We’re going to deep dive into all this positivity.

See, I AM happy. I AM positive and I’ve been upbeat … and so are millions of other people who just don’t fit the figurative “suit” of social norms. Survivors, trauma survivors and psychologically aware people rarely do.

MY life lives on the island of misfit toys. Those are my people.

SO …. for everyone out there who isn’t just like everyone else ~ I’m going to dedicate my work in 2022 to you.


Aren (K) Henry is an essayist, former college prof. and Empowerment coach on the road to digital nomad life.